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Divine Astrologer, Occultist, Thanthric Healer Thetiyur V.Mahadevan M.A.R.P. (Cal.) M.M.H.Sc.A. offers invaluable service by Virtue of centuries old secret and rare occult powers of the mystic Orient. You can drive the evil influences out of your life and achieve greater glory by reshaping your DESTINY.

Solve any genuine Problem, State your problems for guidance and advice No Money need be sent. Report will be sent through email with in 7 days by priority basis only.

Personal consultation requires prior appointment over Mobile number : 9841789483, 8825609304 for guidance and advice Rs.500/ for Chozhi Prasnam Rs.2000/ in favour of V.Mahadevan payable at Chennai. Or pay at our Account Bank : INDIAN BANK ACCOUNT A/C Name "V.MAHADEVAN", A/C No: 6289237890. IFSC CODE : IDIB000K269 Branch Code : 2603, Keelkattalai, Chennai – 600117. Kindly specify the Candidate Name, Phone / Mobile Number, Communication Address and xerox copy of the pay-in slip to email mahadevan233@gmail.com after making payment.

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Your prediction will be sent with in 7 days on receipt of the payment.

Delivery through Email only.

All predictions will be offered after in depth study of the Natal chart,based on Vedic Astrology.

Please note our predictions are not computer generated reports. Manually calculated the planetary position based on Vedic Astrology.

All predictions / remedial measures are based on research orientation and based on Sukla Nadi, Paladee pika, Saraavali, Uthira kaalamru tham, Dwadasa bhavapala Brugath Jathagam, Kaala Vidhanam,Hoora Sasthra, Prapanchasara Kalpam, Manthra Navarnava Kalpam, Soolini Kalpam, Kalaprakasika, Shanthi Kuzhumakaram, Manthra Mahodasi, etc. calculations are more accurate than others.

Remedial measures are offered where ever it is on request only.

Our predictions are 100% true but may not be too accurate at times as the predictions are offered based on the birth details given by you.

Follow our report as an additional guidance but not blindly.

Prices are in Indian Rupees and to be sent to the account Number given in the Payment Column.