Use of gems (precious stones) as a measure of remedy has been in practice since ages. Just be advised that, a gem useful for getting a job/status may not necessarily add to the cohesive force in a relationship. Therefore a blind use of the gem/stone may, at times, bring misfortune to a native. Our Divine Astrologer Thetiyur V.Mahadevan make a careful examination of the role of all the nine planets in your horoscope. While making such examination, there have been instances when none of the nine gems is sometimes recommendable for a person; in such a case, we advise the use of specific mantra and not any gem-stone. Avail the services of our Divine Astrologer Thetiyur V.Mahadevan who will guide you about the following areas on gem-stones:
• Whether there is a genuine need for you to wear a gem-stone.
• Tell us the purpose for which you want to wear a gem-stone and we will guide you whether wearing a gem-stone would really fulfill that purpose.
• Whether you should continue with the gem-stone already wearing or you need a review thereof.
• What is the ideal weight of the gem-stone and in which finger it is to be worn.
• Which metal to be used for the purpose.
• Which specific mantras to be recited for purifying and before wearing a stone.
• In case, any specific gem-stone is not recommended then whether use any sub-stone is advisable for a specific objective.
• Any other issue you may like to ask about gem-stone.
• Suitable guidance and advice, remedies.
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